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Monday, March 9, 2015

Edison Phonograph Catalog Page with 20 Machines.

"All of these models wil play the new blue Amerol records just as well as our Amberola models. See the other side of this page for particulars"

Catalog page detailing 20 Edison Phonograph Models. Triumph Model A, Standard Model A, Home Model A, Model B, Gem Model A, Triumph Model B, Standard Model B, Home Model C, Model D, Gem Model B, Model C, Triumph Model C, Model D, Standard Model C, Model D, Home Model E, F, G, Gem Model D, Model E, Trium Model E, F, G, Standard Model E, F, G, Fireside Model A, Fireside Model B, Balmoral Model M, Model E, Idealia Model D1, Ideal Model D2, Opera