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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Rare European Mammut Coin Op Phonograph Grammophon

Rare Mammut Coin Op Phonograph Grammophon. A massive goose-neck 'cygnet' style horn sits atop this coin operated phonograph. Visible in the photos are the mechanism that would have locked the arm until a coin was dropped into a slot, allowing the turntable to move freely and the record to be manually started. At the end of the record an auto-brake would stop the turn table and return the tone arm to the locked position. A locked drawer with original key would have collected the coins. This example was missing a few internal parts to make the coin-op mechanism work. These were often modified during the period, as coin-ops became less profitable as machines were more readily available at lower prices. What makes this machine so rare is its European origin. Large steel horns like this one would have very often ended up scraped for the war. This is an extremely rare machine, especially in the United Sates. 

Rare Mammut Coin Op Phonograph Grammophon

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